10 Best Cooking and Shopping Time Savers for Moms


Are you a busy mom? Try these 10 cooking and shopping tips to put your time to the best use while getting everything done fast and easy.

Do not let good food suffer just because of a busy schedule. For moms who have to balance a lot of things daily, these 10 time saving tricks in cooking and shopping are lifesavers!



1. Prep in advance. Every time you have a little pocket of time, fill it with prep work. Maybe it is mixing the marinade for tonight’s dinner or slicing the vegetables for the chopped salad you are having. The point is to make productive time out of the 5 or 10 minutes that you get free!

2. Cook in big batches. For family favorites, make sure to cook extras and freeze them. Make ahead meals are also great and learning recipes that put leftovers to good use. You save time on cooking and money, too!

3. Get the right convenience. Convenience has its price but sometimes you just need to save the time. Buy items in the form that you need them, say shredded cheese, boned and skinned chicken breasts, or pre-sliced vegetables.

4. Find shortcuts. The secret to good cooking is balancing what you can make with store-bought items. For instance, if a recipe calls for chicken, maybe you can use rotisserie chicken from the store, or use a jar of sauce instead of making tomato sauce. These cheats will keep you sane in the kitchen.

5. Have breakfast for dinner. Most breakfast foods are quick and easy to make. Sometimes they are incredible dinners, too! If you are short on time, do not hesistate to make a big and tasty omelet. Even if it is a simple dish to make, it can be a crowd pleaser if you go bolder with flavors and add in delicious mix-ins.



1. Shop with a list. You finish your task quicker, plus spend less on impulse buys. Study the layout of the grocery store too so you can write your list in the same order. If the vegetables are near the dairy section, organize your list following the aisles so it will only take one trip to get all that you need.

2. Avoid rush hours. It may take a bit of effort on your end to schedule trips on slower times but it is worth it. When it is less busy, you spend lesser time at the checkout lane and have all the space you need to see what is on sale at the deli counter. If you can be bothered, go at night after the kids have gone to bed. It is quieter, less crowded, plus you are not thinking of other chores left in the house.

3. Shop online. Just pick up and pay or get the items delivered to your house. This is a fantastic alternative to going out, stalking aisle after aisle, and queuing!

4. Limit visits. Try to go once every 2 weeks, or once a month if you can. The more time you spend inside the store, the more you will fall for impulse buys. Nothing wrong with going to the store once a week to grab the persihables such as bread, milk, eggs, and fruit, but keep the other products to the major shopping trip.

5. Invest in an extra freezer. Bulk buying is a good way to save up. Get perishables when they are on sale and freeze them. This is good for vegetables, meat, and fruits. You do not have to buy a whole year’s worth – just enough to last you until the next big shopping trip!