5 Everyday Tips to Get Dad Involved With the Baby


Encourage father-and-child bonding with these 5 excellent tips. No special occasion required – just making the most of everyday with your growing family!

The joy of spending everyday with your new baby only increases if you also share it with your husband. While most of the tasks of looking after your child rests on you, try your best to get dad involved as much as possible. It does the baby a wealth of good, and you as well.

Get him involved in the daily routines.

Ease him into the role of being a dad with regular jobs he can perform daily. Show him how to give the baby a bath or change a diaper. You maye be able to do these tasks better or quicker but this is about him participating in the care of the child. Give him as many chances as you can so he spends quality time with the baby and develops responsibility. Also, this will come handy when you need to get out of the house and take a break from your mom duties!

Provide encouragement.

During the first few days of your baby, he or she will need you for comfort. While dad cannot do anything in breastfeeding the baby and providing much consoling, assure him that he will have the time to help and be close to the child soon enough. Give him encouragement and set him up for success as he experiences more challenging dad moments.

Leave them alone.

As much as you want everything to be done perfectly, it is important that you leave your husband alone with the baby, as he settles into his parenting duties. Lay off the hovering, nit-picking, or criticizing. It is not a contest of who can do what best. Do not let your mommy instincts get the better of you and give your husband the opportunity to let his daddy instincts kick in too! He needs space to figure things out and grow more confident in looking after the child!

Promote bonding.

Apart from letting dad participate in the day-to-day babysitting, make sure he spends quality time to bond with the baby. The next time he holds the newborn, encourage skin-to-skin contact. It is as important to them as it is to you. Bonding does wonders for your baby and it makes for a great opportunity to take some beautiful photos and videos you will cherish for a long time.

Be on the same team.

 Criticizing the parenting skills of your partner will not contribute anything to the development of your baby. It may be difficult to be patient with him, with all the postpartum hormones at play, but try your best. Demonstrate what needs to be done and how to do them correctly and always communicate in a helpful manner. Provide suggestions instead of critics. Remember that the baby is new to both of you and it’s a learning experience that will yield better results if taken together!