5 Realistic Tips to Stay as an Energized Mom


Parenting is one of the most rewarding but also exhausting job in the world. There is no end to it and you cannot just take an extended vacation. Time and again, you will feel drained and knowing how to bounce back and keep your energy up prove crucial. Here are 5 tips to help you recharge and avoid neglecting yourself while looking after the children.


1. Drink lots of water.

Mild dehydration can affect you negatively so make sure to drink lots of water for a quick pick-me-up and keep headache, fatigue, and lack of energy at bay. Do not wait for you to feel thirsty before drinking water. Every now and then, drink a glass to rehydrate and you will find your energy stays at an even level.


2. Take a quick shower.

For an instant uplift, take a bath or a shower in the middle of the day. It is such a simple activity that can leave you feeling like a totally new person in a matter of minutes.


3. Recharge.

Sometimes all you need is a quick break to bring your energy back up. For this, there is no harm in letting the kids watch TV for a few minutes, play yard for 20 minutes, or put the baby in the crib. If you feel bad about the TV, you can turn on an educational show or maybe have them listening to some music or do coloring. Take a break when you need to take a break because the kids will appreciate a much more present and happier mom than one who is exhausted and cranky from watching them like a hawk all of the time.


4. Prioritize exercise.

When the day gets too much, you may want to take a nap, but studies show that doing exercise will have more impact in improving your energy levels. Make physical activity a priority, even just for an hour. Your routine does not have to be perfect, just make sure you get moving and be grateful for that it is you can do. This can either be a walk around your block with your dog or your child in a stroller, or maybe some stretching exercises while waiting for the cookies to bake in the oven. If you need to set up an alarm or a reminder to schedule exercise, do it. Better yet, you can schedule this activity with your kids where you can go running in the park or skip rope. For those who do not fancy going out, you can play active video games or dance indoors.


5. Always have breakfast.

Doesn’t it sound funny, how you are always vigilant about making sure your kids get a healthy breakfast before they head out the door, but on your end you can easily skip the first meal of the day? Somebody needs to remind you not to skip it and no, a cup of coffee does not make up for a healthy and delicious way to begin the day. It is always nice to sit down in the morning and give your body what it needs to function well. According to studies, people feel more satisfied after having breakfast and those that do it have more energy to spend attending to the requirements of the day.