5 Tips to Free More Time for Family Bonding

Family Playing Game Together At Home

Can’t find enough time to spend together? These simple and effective tips will help decrease busy schedules and increase quality family time!

Being a mom requires a tight balancing act. After all, work, marriage, children, and household chores will not take care of themselves. But you can stay in control of all these if only you learn how to put your priorities straight. Follow these practical tips to create more time with the family while staying ahead of other responsibilities!

1. Craft a better to-do list

Divide your to-do list into three categories: Don’t, Delegate, and Do. The tasks that you know you don’t want or need to do goes on the Don’t tab. These are items which you do out of habit or guilt. Everything that someone else can do, like your spouse, babysitter, or officemate, can head to the Delegate section. What remains are the things you have to do. Put a graphic representation next to each for added motivation such as a dollar sign on the items that will save or make you money or a clock to those that will save you time later!

2. Maximize resources

If you are working with a babysitter, get her in charge of restocking the diaper bag, picking up toys, or even preparing dinner. Look for delivery options with your dry cleaner and see if your budget can fit a diaper or laundry service to make things easier for you. Before doing errands, map out a way to conveniently finish them all in one trip. Also, do not hesitate to  accept the help offered by friends and family. Delegation never hurt anybody and it does not make you a lesser person by accepting the help!

3. Get the children involved

While you may fold clothes or store toys faster than your kids, it helps to delegate these tasks to them and get them involved. It teaches them responsibility and it acts as added bonding time. Remember, the better mother is the one who fosters independence to a child, and not acts as his or her personal assistant. Make the activities seem like a game to make it more fun or sing together while you work side by side.

4. Cut time-wasters

Put systems or tools in place which allow you to save time. You can easily save half an hour if you do not lose your shoes or keys every day. Designate a regular place for these items like a hook or a small basket near the door. Create ownership by adding names on the storage bins. If mornings prove to be a stress, prepare all that you can at night. Put out the clothes you are wearing and the shoes to match. Before catching up with emails, messages, and phone calls, wait before the kids are asleep or do it before they wake up.

5. Customize your work

See what arrangements you can make to get more time outside of the office. Productivity with work does not depend on where you are. Sometimes you lose more focus at the office because your mind is clearly at home so make it more simple and look for available options like a flexible coming and going time or working from home once a week. Find out what existing setup there is with other coworkers and use this information to your advantage! Manage businesss travels better by suggesting solutions such as alternating travel with other coworkers, or participating via conference calls or Skype.